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"Getting started and following through have always been difficult for me. I find that so many of the things that I would like to make happen, just don't. Lisa has the gift of being able to coach you through these blocks into logical, meaningful action that just flows. Everything is simplified and I have felt such relief from despair. I can enjoy activities in life and have a place to enjoy them. Lisa helps you let go of what is in the way." - E.A.

I am a calm and grounded presence to help you:

* focus without distractions

* follow through on tasks and projects

* feel less overwhelmed

* manage your time

* organize your day

* feel understood

* experience a sense of accomplishment 

"My focus and flow experience with Lisa was under special circumstances. I had a serious accident, was hospitalized and then returned home with limited mobility and energy. Lisa made all the difference in my recovery and pain reduction with Reiki treatments. She worked out every detail of setting up my environment so that it met my specific needs and optimized my healing. Turns out Lisa was once a medical social worker! She is a unique resource for any of us struggling with managing our lives or managing a medical setback.  My doctors could not believe how well I was healing. I am so grateful for Lisa's help with my recovery." - L.R.


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I understand that our brains don't all work in the same way. Many of my clients face challenges like anxiety, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 

My approach helps you prioritize and follow-through to the finish.  I will be at your side. 

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